RDesktopGUI - Cool GUI for rdesktop
   Sometimes you need to do rdp to a windows server,
but I was unable to find a good GUI for rdesktop.

So I'm trying to make one my self...

Until I fully manage to do rpm's, and you are welcome to give me advice here... :-)
- well well, I've done my first RPM Click here
- but you can still download the latest binary 64bit version.

I'm programing this in Free Pascal - Lazarus Project, hope you like it'

  • V.0.3.3b: "moveup", "movedown" and Bug'fixing.
  • V.0.3.2b: Bug'fixing.
  • V.0.3.1b: Working on support for "SSH", "Telnet" and "VNC"
  • V.0.3.0b: Added "QuickConnect" and the "rename" to work on connection aswell
  • V.0.2.9b: Able to delete folders and connections
  • V.0.2.8b: Able to rename folders and I remember the "expand" state of folders
  • V.0.2.7b: Ups - to many ".free's" on the XMLDOMnodes - now fixed
  • V.0.2.5b: Now using encryption when storing password
  • V.0.2.2b: Converted to XML as "Connection-settings-file"
  • V.0.2.0b: Username, Domain and Password as parms to rdesktop
  • V.0.1.1b: YES! able to call rdesktop