Getting the Groupwise 8 client to run on openSUSE
  Now let's get that groupwise client running on opensuse.
  • First you need to install the openmotif package (as this contains the required update of the libstdc++33 is also needed but usually already installed if you have added multimedia support to openSUSE.

    Use YaST's Software Management *or* open a console:

    su - (elevates to root)
    zypper install openmotif libstdc++33

  • The Groupwise client is written for SLED and will be looking for
    To overcome this - make a symbolic link for pointing to the installed

    cd /usr/lib
    ln -s

  • Install the Groupwise rpm's with the no dependency check switch. To do this copy the novell-groupwise-c* rpms to a local folder (or download and unzip the client install packages from

    cd into the directory holding the rpms and install:

    rpm -Uhv novell-groupwise-c* --nodeps

    You should now have your Groupwise Icon on the desktop.

  • Happy Groupwising!